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Organic, Green and Local, Oh my!

Radishes at the Burgy Market in Williamsburg, MA

Radishes at the Burgy Market in Williamsburg, MA

From an ecological perspective, sometimes (most of the time…in my opinion) choosing local is even more important than choosing ‘organic’. I think ‘organic’, ‘green’, ‘eco-friendly’, etc are loosing their effectiveness or meaning because of overuse and mis-understanding due to deceptive information.

Think about this…

Just because a cluster of tomatoes is ‘organic’ does not make it righteous. What if that tomato vine has traveled 3800 miles from South America?

Organic is good though, right? Yes, in theory. Organic means that the methods in which the item was produced were done so with a view toward reduced or higher standard use of pesticides and fertilizers (yup that’s right, organic does NOT guarantee the absence of either in most cases) as well as practices that protect the soil quality.

In the case of these South American tomatoes in our New England supermarkets…what is the global impact of transporting these ‘organic’ tomatoes? Transport, storage and packaging make up a huge impact…possibly nearing equivalent (or even greatly surpassing it when you consider vehicle exhaust, water use, fuel, toxic refrideration, etc) to that of using conventional growing practices in the first place.

Also, even though they may not be ‘certified organic’, most produce that you can get from local growers here in the valley is grown with a distinct mindfulness and often in ways that support sustainable agriculture and local economy…all while not adding to the environmental deficit by shipping and transport.

Just an FYI and my two cents on supporting local agriculture…

For more information check out CISA’s website

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