Branching out

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Here at Beloved Earth, we like to take a fallen branch, and give it a new life. I personally use a large one as a centerpiece at our dining room table. Strung with christmas lights, and held in a glass vase, trinketsaccording to season can be dangled from each smaller branch, like so:

Picture 7

Currently, our branch is still decorated with a valentines day theme, as that is the last holiday we sort of celebrated. Plus, hearts are pretty! <3



Another use of a branch can be to store things you actually need to use on a regular basis. Jewelry for example:

Picture 8


This is a small portion of the jewelry collection which my mother and I have together accumulated over the years, mostly things that are shiny and pretty, but also heavy and outdated, or perhaps just not practical with any of our current outfits.


‘Branching’ is an easy way to bring a litle bit of nature into your home. Its simple, people always admire it, and its a way to show off the personality of a person (or a room!) in your house.


PlEaSe NoTe: this can get really fun.. Grab a small can of spray paint from your hardware store, and paint the branch any color you want! Decorate the tips with glitter, or perhaps press a few faded silver or bronze sequins on for a little extra flare. The possibilities are endless, and its a super creative & environmentally concious way to warm up your home.

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