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Terra Missildine, co-owner of Beloved Earth and Certified Green
Living Coach, offers an interactive discussion on some of the concepts
of Sustainable Living from a “Where can I really get started?”

What will you learn?

¬†What is practical “sustainability”?
What is an “eco-footprint” really?
What are the two most common stumbling blocks and how can we overcome them?
The top 10 easy steps toward a more sustainable lifestyle

If you’d like to schedule coaching individually or as a company,
Please contact Terra Missildine at

Do you or your business need some gentle coaching
on how to go “Green”?

Could your place of business and employees use
a motivational workshop on sustainability?

Contact Terra, a certified Green Living Coach and she can
help you or your business, take small, simple steps to
tread more lightly on this planet.



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