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We Clean, Green


After attending classes in sustainability at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, David and Terra Missildine became passionate about environmental stewardship. They launched the Pioneer Valley’s first “green” cleaning company in 2005 and became adept at cleaning homes and offices in a way that protects those that inhabit them – as well as the earth.

Offering eco-friendly and non-toxic options to residential and commercial clients in Northampton and the wider region wasn’t enough for the husband-and-wife team, though. They wanted to become an engine for creating a cleaner world, and they’ve done this through sharing their knowledge and expanding the circle of environmentally-conscious entrepreneurs.

Says Terra, “I am a natural entrepreneur, and I have a permanent fire burning within me, driving me to make progress and connect with people and nature. That relationship of interconnectedness was and is a driving force in our sustainable business. (READ MORE) The Missildines’ passion is contagious. Many entrepreneurs and individuals have partnered with them for change – because Valley residents “get” that our actions are collective, that individual behaviors make a lasting difference.

David and Terra believe in the old adage, “A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.” It is their goal to make those first few steps easier to take for everyone they meet. Beloved Earth does not believe that living lighter on this planet is an option anymore. It is mandatory.

Protecting individual health and the planet since 2005.



Beloved Earth is an ecological hub for services that include:
Residential/House Green Cleaning
Commercial/Office Green Cleaning
Coaching, Education and Workshops that promote Sustainability
Green Products