Commercial Green Cleaning

Watch our video for more information and to see us in action cleaning an office.

Protecting Your Assets


We are businesspeople, and when we clean your office, we mean business!

We know how important first impressions are, and we understand the value of your good reputation. That’s why we’ll work with you to develop a routine that maintains the highest level of professionalism, one that allows you to present your business as you want it to be seen.

Whether we strip and wax the floors, freshen the carpets or perform a nightly, off-hours cleaning routine to spruce the place up for your clients in the morning, you can trust that we do it all in a way that protects your indoor air quality and the health of you, your employees and the clients who trust you.

Our best standard practices set rigorous standards of ecological responsibility and non-toxicity to human health. And all of our products – even our commercial floor stripper – are non-toxic, earth-safe and user-friendly.  We use the most cost-effective green products available, although they may not be the cheapest of all commercial offerings, because we think it’s critical to focus on protecting your health while also watching your dollar.

The sustainability movement continues to evolve, and that means we do, too. We were the first “green” cleaning company in the Pioneer Valley, and we are committed to staying ahead of the green curve.





Beloved Earth is an ecological hub for services that include:
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Commercial/Office Green Cleaning
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