“I called on a Monday or Tuesday asking for help cleaning, in preparation of an open house, on that same Friday.  Terra called back within twenty four hours to inform me that she was available.  While I was totally impressed with her friendly and professional phone manners, nothing could have prepared  me for seeing her in action.  Not only did she do an incredible job with what we decided that she would tackle, she added things I didn’t think of and did an amazing job on them too!  The place was glowing when she was done.. and so was I.”

~ Cathy


“The house was perfect when I got home. Thanks!”  – Mary

“Thank you for the creativity around the
checklist you devised.  I think it is a very
useful tool and located in an area that
all staff can have direct hands on at all
times.  I do like the thoroughness.  Also,
I am sooooo happy about the clean
refrigerator…  ” – Trish

“Overall, we are very, very happy with the service Beloved Earth has provided.
We love the fact that the products are all natural, and 99% of the items that
we would like cleaned are cleaned well on a regular basis.  The cost is a great
value as well. I love how shiny the counter tops in the kitchen get, and how
patient David and Terra are with the extreme messes they find in the boys’
bathroom!  I try to give the boys the responsibility for picking up their own
things, but they have been known to have selective sight, and sometimes
completely miss items they should pick up.  We appreciate David and Terra’s
flexibility in moving these items when necessary. ” – Lisa

“I just wanted you to know I am very pleased with your
service. The house hasn’t looked this good in a long
time, I’m sorry to say.( Obviously you know I’m not a
good housekeeper) It was so nice to come home to a
CLEAN house.” – Gayle